Battery Motor Meter 6500 mAh

REF : D - 02
Battery recommended for the use of the Motor Meter with 6500 mAh.
60,00 €
60,00 €
Price / kg:
  • Battery - Rechargeable lithium (Li-Ion) battery with multiple outputs; 12V 6500 mAh, 9V 8500 mAh, 5V 15000 mAh.
    - Measure: 125 x 72 x 27 mm
    - Weight: 300 gr.

    With this model of Battery you can have the Motor Meter working more than 24 hours

    It has on/off switch and led activity to know when this started. Charging connector standard 2.1 mm, triple output (with USB connector for the 5V). Includes three cables for connection to the outputs.

    Model Motor Meter - 6500, Input 12.6VDC, Output 12VDC 6500mAh, 9VDC 8500mAh, 5VDC 15000mAh.

    - Includes 1 Li-Ion battery charger from 12V - 350 mA, but we recommend the use of Chargers 1A and 3A are also available.

    Notes: These batteries are supplied with a charger specifically for Li-Ion batteries; They can not load using a normal 12V transformer, and not simply connecting to 12V (e.g. in a car).

    The charger has two leds (red/green) State. Plug the charger into the power the Red led turns on him and to connect the battery charge led turns green while charging.
    The battery charging is complete when the led of the charger again become red. On the models of battery with power switch so the battery charge this must be in ON position. Li-Ion batteries are slow discharge batteries; they can be used for many other things, as for strips of leds, probes, etc. But being slow download are not suitable for high power needs batteries, such as engines or halogen lights, that may be unused batteries.


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