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We launched the Motor Meter for Sale

Right now a year ago

20 - 07 - 2018

Extracted from the Story - Blog: "THE IDEA OF THE MOTOR METER IS BORN" / 20 - 07 - 2018.

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Today when I woke up I saw the news that for 49 years that man had stepped on the Moon, that magnificent day of July 20, 1969, (I was a baby, I was only 10 months old) and after 4 days of travel , the Apollo 11 mission with the landing module "Eagle" reached the Moon and Commander Neil Amstrong descended down a ladder in his space suit and put his left foot on the Moon, saying, "I'm at the foot of the ladder. The Eagle's legs have only depressed the surface a few centimeters. The surface appears to be very fine grain, when viewed closely. It's almost a fine powder, very fine. Now I'm off the platform." Then he would say the historical phrase: "This is a small step for man; a giant leap for Humanity."

It was very early and I decided to go to fly in paramotor, my favorite hobby, after a long time in flight I decided to see for my "mirror" the fuel that I had left in the tank, if I had to use a mirror to see the gasoline that I had left ..... I was wondering, how poor are we? as if the man has gone to the moon we have to be seeing the gasoline that remains in the tank from a mirror. With the technology we have? we are in the 21st century, it is not possible, already in flight, I told me: Jose, this has to be changed.

When I landed I could not get the idea out of my head, I was around 1000 ideas, I had all the good energy to start working on this great new adventure.

With how restless and enterprising I am I set out to look for all the options that we had, how can you do this? What kind of Sensors are there?, if I get the Consumption Sensor, how can I do to view the Data? everything was a big doubt to me.

I set out to work and develop the idea.

The idea of creating a meter was born where we could see the Fuel of our Paramotors, the Motor Meter was born.



12 - 07 - 19

Well, after 1 year of hard work, reading this Excited me and I get many memories of joys, of problems, of everything that I have had to go through until the day in which I lay the Motor Meter.

I tell you a little bit ....

In principle I had to manufacture the Sensor to measure the special Fuel for the Paramotor, because we have a very low consumption and everything that was on the market did not fall into our consumption range, so I did, a Consumption Sensor was manufactured exclusively for the Motor Meter.

Since I had the Sensor I had to make the determination if to offer the Data on LCD screen or I had the option to be able to connect the Sensor via Bluetooth to the Mobile - Smartphone, do everything from the Android environment and it offered us all the Data, it was clear , I decided on the Android option: Mobile - Smartphone.

In his day I did not know how to make this application, but with the work of more than 30 years I had learned a lot from computers, from java codes, from php programming, from css codes, all kinds of programming, to make web pages, all kinds of designs: 3D, etc. I had developed a special connection with this type of work, it was not a great challenge for me, I could do it.

And so it was, I create the app and start to get Data. I was wondering ... why not have temperatures? Why don't te RPM? but if in the Application we can have Maps and Gps Data. Then I added Sensors and more Sensors, Data and more Data until I get everything I wanted, what we have today.

It has not been an easy way, many hours in front of the computer screen, to make the Electronic Programming (the Motor Meter has an exclusive board for it) and of course program the Application, which this has required a great job to have everything 100% and it offers us all the Data - Screens that we have in the Motor Meter. Also of a significant economic investment, try different Sensors, Connectors, Consumption Tests, time spent, etc.

12 months of hard work, testing and more testing, flights, some other stumble - fall, but it has been achieved, we offer a product completely finished and working perfectly.

I am very proud, first as a paramotor pilot, to be able to have all the In-Flight Data offered by the Motor Meter, to move on to a new path and to be able to leave our "mirror" as a memory of the twentieth century, a before and after in the world of paramotor - paratrike and second as a designer - creator having done such a beautiful job.

Gradually I realized that the Motor Meter could not only be installed in Paramotors, as was thought in principle, on the contrary, I saw that we had a very wide market where it can work as: all kinds of motorcycles, boats, buggies, kart, quard, ultralight, Aircraft small and many more vehicles.

To this day I plan to make a version for Cars, Vans, but this will be seen later.....

A real marvel has been born, a Robot - Your Onboard computer that will work for you for hours and hours that will eventually be part of your best friends, because it will never fail you.

The Motor Meter is completely finished and ready for sale, translated into 5 languages, I hope to get the best response from future Customers, who are always happy with my work, can also leave their "mirrors" in the twentieth century and be part of the Motor Meter family, but be careful is very addictive, it can get you hooked .....

"Where you will only find a problem, if you have tried it you can never be without it", I'll let you know .... laughing

Thank you for the support in all this time of Cesar Maldonado (https://aeronomadas.com) who was always with me in all the flight and tuning tests, of my family and children, especially Of Marilene Chaboski that without her none of this would have been possible, of John Carlos Valdivieso for his collaboration in creating, assisting in the electronic programming and plate design of the Motor Meter.

Thanks soo much, you are welcome.

Jose Navarro
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