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The idea of the Motor Meter is born

It had been a while after having some system in which we could measure the fuel consumption of our Paramotors - Paratrikes. I got tired and decided to do something in conditions, so was born the Motor Meter.

In principle we had to manufacture the Sensor to measure the special fuel for the paramotor, because we have a very low consumption, so we did, we made exclusive for the Motor Meter, then we added sensors and more sensors, data and more data to obtain everything I wanted, what we have.

It has not been an easy way, many hours in front of the computer screen, to do the electronic programming (the Motor Meter has an exclusive plate for him) and of course program the Application, that this has required a great job to have everything running at 100% and offering us all the data - screens we have in the Motor Meter. Likewise of a significant economic investment, to test different sensors, connectors, tests of consumption, time invested, etc.

More than 5 months of work, tests, flights, some other stumbling - fall, but has been achieved, we offer a product completely finished and working perfectly.

I am very proud, first as a paramotor pilot, to have all the data in flight that offers us the Motor Meter, move to a new path, a before and after in the world of Paramotor and second as designer - creator of such beautiful Work.

Little by little I realized that the Motor Meter could not only be installed in Paramotors, as it was thought in principle, on the contrary, I saw that we had a very wide market where it can work like: Boats, Buggies, Motorcycles, Old Motorcycles and many more Vehicles.

It was born a real wonder, a Robot that will work for you for hours and hours that will be part of your best friends in the end, because will never fail.

I'm at your Disposal.

Jose Navarro
APP Designer
Motor Meter
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